Tuesday, April 16, 2013


New BOY LONDON tank top.
I absolutely love this brand...

Wearing it with Dungarees-skaterskirt (I dont know if there's a name for this piece of clothing) from River Island on photo 1
Wearing it with polkadotted pants from Primark and a old leather jacket on photo 2.

What do you think of BOY LONDON??


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

pink docs

I'm a sucker for Dr. Martens.... they're so tough and yet cute (in someway they are cute... really)
Today my second pair of docs arrived!
These vintage pink docs are definitely gonna be my new favorite shoes!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

je suis Obélix!

 Striped pants are hot and happening right now... every store you can possibly imagine sells those skinny pants with black and white stripes. And even though I love those pants... I don't really wanna buy it anymore. Originality is a thing I'm pretty fond of. I bought these blue and white pants at the thriftshop instead... they were 2,50 euros!! LIKE WHAT?? haha. I cut them into shorts et voila! One of my best friends always calls it the 'Obélix pants' because of the blue and white stripes.

I'm wearing the pants with a blue jeans shirt and black H&M shoes. (WITH WHOLES IN THEM. I was so happy when I found these at H&M cause I had been looking everywhere for shoes like this!
Kept it simple with the accessories this time... Wearing a silver Michael Kors watch and a black short necklace.