Monday, May 14, 2012

today's outfit: Floral pants and denim blouse

Yaay! The sun is shining! Though the temperature might still be pretty low (about 15 degrees celsius) the weather LOOKS good, because the ugly grey clouds made place for the beautiful sun! So since it isn't possible to walk around in shorts and skirts yet I decided to go with a semi-summerish outfit.
I'm a huge fan of the floral pants trend, I'm wearing them with a denim blouse, a simple taupe tee, taupe heel sneakers (isabel marant rip-offs) and gold jewelry.

I'm just soooo happy that I can finally wear sunglasses again! YAY:)


  1. Hello dear, you have an amazing blog!!! Do you mind sharing your blog ideas?? I am basically NEW in blogging and if you don’t mind, maybe we could help each other? I’m a new follower… 

    1. thank you so much! But honestly I'm kinda new on here myself as well.. I feel like I'm really terrible at blogging haha. Your blog looks lovely! It looks way more professional than mine;p thanks for the compliment though